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picture: Ann Sissel Holthe, Fatmonkey Foto

I am Ukiyo Films

Proud to present Ukiyo Films. Ukiyo, meaning the floating world, represents my vision on life and the way I like to make my wedding films and other films on love and life. Life floating by.. drifting… and us trying to go with this flow and make memories along the way. Ukiyo Films is a one woman gig, I craft my films alone but love to work with colleagues in the process. Whether that is a stylist, a photographer, a poet, a painter or a beautiful voice. I truly hope you can appreciate my look on crafting your memorie. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me! 

Since 1977

Could I start the day without my cup of coffee? Uhm… I guess not. It is my guilty pleasure. And even better when a perfect latte macchiato or a nice and hot cappuccino. The best one ever? My mums. 

We, the family, my three kids & me and my husband live in the Netherlands. In the beautiful south. Life is pretty good around here. A nice village, a forest around the corner and good people 🙂 We moved from Amsterdam to this super nice place with a huge garden. Our kids: Nnenna, Izzi & Lucky have their private mudpools and can go crazy on their bikes, within the safety of the garden. This is the good stuff for us. 😉  


photocredit: Joke Beljaars, Bureau Cocoon

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photocredit: Ann Sissel Holthe, Fatmonkey Foto

When you want it, you can do it 

Selfmade woman 😉 

I am still having a hard time believing: I am a videographer. I did not go to filmmaking school, technically I may not be the best around… but I do know how to find a story. And I have thought myself how to capture and craft it in a beautiful way. Hours and hours and hours of youtube tutorials, believe me! Weeks even, months I guess. I have been going to the most amazing workshops, filmmakers events and now I know my way… and ofcourse you never stop learning. 

photocredit: Florence Grandidier