May a little bit of magic float into your life today
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Thank you for being here

Don’t you just love, love. The magic between two people? A gorgeous couple at one of the best moments of their life? A mother and her child? A family surrounding their elderly respectfully on their last journey? Love is what this life is all about. I feel blessed that I am allowed to document these real life stories. I promise to treat your story with the utmost respect, attention and a little love offcourse.

Will you bare with me whilst I am crafting my story on this website now? You will find more imagery soon.

love, love, love

The films I love to create


This day, that all your loved-ones are gathered. This day you say yes to the rest of you life.


(Wat je te zeggen hebt)

Write a love-letter to your kid, your best friend, your mum, your grandpa. Just do it and be amazed.


(Wat je nalaat)

So many things left to say… but not given the time to wait. Let me capture you and the story to treasure.

What we do

The story of Ukiyo

Ukiyo is a Japanese word with lots of different meanings throughout time. The one that captured me was the floating world, detached from the bothers of life. Another beautiful expression it holds witin is: dare to live. Shouldn’t we all do that?

Ukiyo films,stories to treasure is the new brand under Stories to Tell. Ukiyo creates love and life stories.

getting curious

How It Works


Let's chat

When your interest is triggered, feel free to let me know. We can skype, or meet irl. You can ask your questions and together we can think out loud… about sculpting your story.

We start collecting

We have decided we could make magic together… the click is there and we can get to work. Let’s get to know each other and find the basics for your story.

I craft your story

After collecting whatever we needed to craft your story and drawing the concept, the fun begins: we get to film. Let’s paint your story, with light, location and a little magic.

may we create for you

Your story beautifully crafted into a memory to last forever
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