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Lindsey & Dune

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This gorgeous couple got to know all corners of life… the passionate, the beautiful and also the ugly ones. But man do they last… this is love… for real.  I would like to thank Lindsey & Dune for really being there on this amazing adventure to Santorini, discovering the spirit of Caldera. Thanks to all my amazing new friends at the Caldera workshop. This… I will never forget. Please do enjoy the magic of this trip in this precious little lovestory. Images are filmstills.

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Two souls uniting

Two Souls Uniting
I can feel you all throughout me
so deep inside me
underneath, I can feel you move through me
I breathe you like I’m taking in my last breath
I feel like I’m fliped inside out,
you surround me

There’s a voice that isn’t mine; I listen
disconnecting from everything inside
Faitfully uniting as one without any self-control
Aching to embrace our love as one
You’re everything I know

I have made choices that wasted many days
We have both waited for this
Blessing our love even stronger
even when we are apart


Imagine us making love
beneath the stars above
creating our own magical night
Our soulful glow being the only light
between us binding our souls as one
Saving ourselves from eternal hell
protecting eachother with our illusive shell

Knowing our testimonies are bound
to affect those around us
accepting all battles life throws our way
defeating many triumphant trials

Those who will remember,
will look upon us as archaic lovers
that will touch others hearts
and bless the finish from when
the powerful sensations start!

Poem: Kristin Nicole RothDavis Music: Silver, Hale



full film will follow soon


Film: Stories to Tell

Couple: Lindsey & Dune

Music: Silver, Hale

Poem: Two Souls Uniting, Kristin Nicole RothDavis

Event: Caldera Workshop

Location: Santorini Greece