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This is one of these rare moments that you will allow yourself to be documented in the best possible way… when do you get to be the centerpiece, the core, the heart, the subject of a film? This is it… one of those moments in life where you say yes! Yes to crafting a perfect memory. Even more beautiful then you can remember. I love my job so intense because I know I am helping you safeguard your families memories. Is there anything more valuable than memories?  Imagine your great grand children, listening to the sound of your voice, seeing the love in your eyes, watching your grandmothers smile. Isn’t that priceless? I would be so honored to tell your story.

This website is still being crafted… so please bare with me.. more work will be shown here as soon as possible.



When life treats you with the good stuff: Santorini! This island is magical… the rocks, the see, the harsh light, the magical shadows… where the wind breathes love. Enjoy the magical moments of Lindsey & Dune on a trip where their two souls had all the time to blend to one .



“After all, soulmates always end up together”. The sweet, adventurous and so lovable Marlou traveled the world and finally discovered the love of her life: Ignacio. This man with the best smile in the world, the sweetest voice and his magical eyes stole her heart and kept her in Chile. Where the two of them are living the good life. 



This place… surrounded with art… you just have to feel royal… With amazing vendors we got to paint this beautiful picture.

lets chase dreams


To start, you need to feel in perfectly good hands with me. So I’d say let’s get to know each other a bit better. The things you can do… is follow along on socials and watch some of my work. Do you like what you see? Only then, let’s schedule a skypecall… so you can fire away with all your questions. I have a few for you too 🙂  When you feel that it is me that should craft your story, we define what it is you want. What would you like to be inside that giftpackage you get when I have finished my work. Then let’s get to through all the details of your day. I might even help you out a bit with tips, tricks, some friendly advice and offcourse my network of talented suppliers.

Then let’s get to work. Together we collect some elements for the story to start growing. A week before the wedding we go through all the details again… and then let’s get the party started! Have some fun strolling around this website… hopefully we speak soon!

x Jacqueline  



Oooooohhhhh such a beautiful teaser, beautiful. We couldn’t stop watching it. You really put your heart in there. What we also really loved is that you were so caring. You really did help with everything. With the veil, when the cake dropped on the dress. So sweet. We are over the moon and will recommend you everywhere.


Oooooohhhhh wat een mooie teaser, prachtig. We raken niet uitgekeken. Je  legter echt gevoel in. Wat we ook zo fijn vonden is dat jij zo zorgzaam bent. Jess zegt dat je haar overal bij hielp. Met de sluier. Met de sleep. Toen de taart erop gevallen was. Super lief. We zijn in de wolken en zullen je overal aanbevelen.

Jessica & Roger

your investment


Nobody has unlimited budget… believe me I know. Crafting your film takes time, attention and complete focus. I take on a maximum of 15 full weddings a year to make sure I can completely focus on your story. My most favorite packages is about 1500 euros. But let’s start with the story. Let me in on your wishes, so I can make a more precise price offer for you.